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Majka Czapski

About me

Born on a sunny winter day in northern Germany.
Based in Berlin.
Loves coffee, good music and yummy cookies.

As a private pleasure, photography has become an important part of my life again. One that lets me travel almost every day to capture the right moment in the right place. And to document people who take to the streets for social problems and fight for their rights.
I love the authenticity of it. No possible preparation. No influence on what the situation offers me. No falsification and no complicated retouching.
Just a photo as the moment allowed. This is what I call „back to the roots“.

This page contains only a small selection of personal works without colours.

Short background

2006 | 2013 Freelancer.
Works for different Clients.
Architecture, Interior, Fashion/Beauty, Products, Journalism/Reportage.
2005 | 2010 Photo Assistant.
For several photographers, BFF.
Studio, indoor & outdoor shootings.
Architecture/Industrial, Fashion/Beauty, Transportation & Products.
1986 My first love.
A Minolta XD-7 with a lot accessories.


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